There is no better feeling than doing what you love.

We are a dynamic team with a passion for design and development. We saw an industry that could benefit from our combined thirty plus years experience of project management, our obsession with organization and our commitment to chasing perfection. Each project is an opportunity to create better designs, efficiencies, processes and exceptional homes.

Our purpose is to add to the rich architectural story of Chicago, build homes for extraordinary clients, and make something truly beautiful.

Dee Thompson

Owner + Chief Construction Officer

Extreme multi-tasker, planner and perfectionist. 100% Aries. I could wallpaper my home with all the lists that run my life. I often fall asleep with one hand on the computer and the other on the phone (sad if I weren’t a productivity junkie). Obstacles are merely opportunities to learn. I revel in bringing an idea on paper to life. I’m a self-proclaimed travel fanatic. Exploring new places broadens my mind and constantly expands my design creativity. I am my own toughest critic and if something can be improved or made more efficient, I’ll push to make it happen.

Lauren Arnold

Senior Design + Renovation Consultant

Chicago native, fantasy football fanatic, yogi (in training). I’m an organizational junkie and nothing makes me happier than a color-coated planner. I truly live by the work hard play hard mantra, especially when celebrating a Bears’ win. I’ve found that the key to progression and productivity is realizing that not every day is a good day – show up anyway.

Dione Balingit

Sales Broker

Diligent, detail oriented and a planner. Some may say that if I can plan the whole year I would. I believe that in order to be successful in anything, whether it’s a trip or a project, there has to be a plan to get to the destination. I have a strong interest in art and travel. Speaking of trips, I also love to travel all over the world and see all the beauties that each place has to offer. Fun fact, my husband and I are art collectors.

Stephanie Griffin

Design Consultant

Honest, Optimistic and Bold.  I look for beauty and  function in all things.  I’ve never met a stranger, and believe a glass of red wine and deep laugh with a good friend can cure most ills. My design background started in 2000 and ranges from commercial homebuilding to Nordstrom to party planning, and now my focus is based around working with clients to create the custom living space of their dreams.  I believe in positivity and know that if there is a will, there is a way.

Courtney Nichols

Sales Broker

Life can be fun, rewarding and sometimes hard. It’s what we take from those instances and what we do with them. I believe that I can get through anything and that makes me happy and thankful. Home to me is being with loved ones, being comfortable, staying safe and being surrounded by pretty things! An avid traveler, I love learning from different cultures, talking to interesting people along the way….and of course experiencing the food and drink!

Lakesha Rose

Licensed Interior Designer (ASID, IIDA) + Renovation Consultant

As an allied ASID and IIDA member, Lakesha manages projects throughout Illinois, Michigan and around the country. Lakesha has a comprehensive understanding of custom furnishings, antiques, textiles, and fine art she specializes in high-end residential.  Lakesha’s strength lies in the integration of interior and structure. Her trademark style is evident through the sophisticated use of texture, color, and light, and every home she designs receives her personal signature of timeless elegance and innovative simplicity.

Kira Schorr

Marketing Coordinator

Determined, conscientious, and earnest. Limitless potential if only there were limitless time in the day. I’m a foodie by nature and exerciser by consequence and love reading, writing, drawing, and music. I live by the idea that life is a continuous cycle of learning and reflection, and that the goodness you put out in the world will always come back. Happiness is a choice that I embrace every time.

Ali Suryanarayanan

Design Consultant + Project Coordinator

Determined, loyal, and mindful. I am a Pilates-enthusiast with a penchant for mezcal and passion for travel. Curiosity creates room for creativity, learning, and continuous improvement. I live by the idea that happiness unfolds when what you do aligns with what you want and believe in cultivating spaces that support how people want to live.

We might sound good on paper, but we’re even better in person.